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Itsuko Harumachi (春町何時子, also known as "春緒 (Haruo)") is a Japanese amateur comic/manga artist.

Harumachi launched her doujin circle Kimidori (君彩) in 2007 and has published the numerous doujinshi on Legendz from 2008 to 2011 and also on Summer Wars in which including homoerotica between humans and dragons, dragons and horses, and dragons. In 2011 Harumachi contributed manga to memorium joint-doujinshi on Fur~st.[1]

After that Harumachi published doujinshis on Trans Former and Blood Blockade Battlefront for some years. [2] However in January 2017 Harumachi posted a picture of Legendz on twitter[3] and continues to post some pictures on Legendz.

Doujin Works[edit]

All English titles based on the original Japanese is provisional and unofficial.


  • Sayonara Aozora Matakite Shikaku (さよなら青空また来て四角, See you later, BlueSky. After a while, Square ,2007)
  • Butter Soup (2008)
  • Slow and steady (2008)
  • SSNG Junbi-gou (SSNG準備号, 2008) - NFSW
  • Matsutani-san-chi no Kawaiko-chan (マツタニさん家のかわい子ちゃん。, 2008)
  • Rose cobalt (2009)
  • DOUBLE BIND (2009) - NFSW
  • Blue drip (2009) - NFSW
  • SSNG (2009) -NFSW
  • Disturbed double bind (2010) - NFSW
  • Kiriereiso (キリエレイソ, 2010) - NFSW
  • Kazeyomet (かぜよめっ, 2010) - Joint-doujinshi
  • Suki ni Sasete kudasai. (好きにさせてください。, Let me do as I like, 2010) - NFSW
  • Black horse love hole (2011) - NFSW
  • Burnt deep (2011)

Summer Wars[edit]

  • Dakara Yappari Kimi no Mono (だからやっぱりキミのもの, So its yours, 2009)
  • Gilt Crown (2009) - NFSW
  • Lost K (2010) - NFSW



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