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Islandia was a MUD with a fantasy or science-fiction theme, and had some furry characters. Islandia closed at the end of November 1990[1]; reasons for its closure included it being "too large" and "showing all the signs of age", and its "tinkers" "showing signs of ennui".[2] FurryMUCK, which began in August 1990, was started to take Islandia's place.

  • MUD server:, port 2323[1]
(previously, port 2323)[3]
  • Ran from/to: 1990? - November 1990[1]

All of the initial inhabitants of the Furry Home at Squirrel Hill had characters on Islandia.

One Samantha, the Blue Wombat noted that she "ended up in furry as a refugee when Islandia sank into the net." She quoted a previous poster's statement: "Before the creation of FurryMUCK, there was IcelandiaMUCK a fanticy based muck where there a small group of furs resided among the dragons, elves and the like."[4]


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