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Islaender (called "Isi" in short) is one of the horses that populate the German furry fandom. Born in 1980 in a small town in Schleswig-Holstein he currently lives in his own little household in the West of Iserlohn, just a few minutes walk from the Ruhrgebiet. Waiting for the day he can start a little family with his girlfriend, Kirjava, he passes his time with working as a metalograph in Dortmund, spending time at the THW or travelling to Bonn to see family, friends and - especially - his girlfriend. He can be quite picky with his name, which is indeed spelled "Islaender", and not "Isländer".


Aside from being a furry, he's interested in computer gaming, reading a fair number of webcomics and - of course - horses. He used to care for two horses, the first he had to give up because he moved into another town, the second one was sold shortly after he started working with it.

He also enjoys roleplaying (Ironclaw and Dungeons & Dragons), chess, swimming and furry art. Concerning furry art, he is something like a speciecist, since he is neither interested in nor accepting anything else than horses on his walls. Also he's mostly interested in original artwork and seldom acquires prints or other reproducable pieces of art. By now ,he calls 20 unique drawings, one painting, a few prints, 18 horse figures, 2 clocks with a horse motif and 13 horse plushies his own (not counting postcards, mugs and other small stuff).

The horse character in detail[edit]

Islaender sees his fursona as a small to medium sized Icelandic horse with reddish-brown coat and a blonde mane. Built with a slightly bulky stature. his fursona often has no gender at all, he mostly refers to "the horse" or "the pony" or just "Islaender". Although some situations let him slip into one of the two anthropomorphic characters he sees as part of himself, the mare "Dijna" or the stallion "Sólon", he seems to be more comfortable with the animal form.

Writing and Activities[edit]

Islaender can seldom be found at cons or other meetings. He can be found mostly at the MMC (whenever he gets the chance he holds the story-SIG there) and perhaps the one or other occasional meeting. His activities mainly consist of writing stories and poetry, often with anthropomorphic characters - preferably horses - as well as publishing them in the section "Stories & Fics" of the, which is also currently moderated by him. Published work with furry-related content are by now the stories "Wiedergeburt" and "Übergang" (found in Fur Fiction) as well as the poem "Mensch zu Tier" (Fur Fiction II). His work is - except for a few poems - almost entirely written in German. A translation is not planned, but he currently works on building a page on which most of his work can be found.

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