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Ironbadger, or Steve Corbett, is a long-time furry fan and artist who is currently known for furry bondage imagery, though in the past he drew more military imagery. He no longer generally posts on the VCL, but does have a site on Furaffinity where most of his new art may be seen, and is a regular at furry conventions selling prints and sometimes CDs of his art. His fursona is a badger.

Ironbadger is one of the "old-school" furries from the pre-internet early-80s and he was involved in various military re-enactment groups, gunsmithing and custom knife-making until he began drawing for furry fanzines. He used to live in Arizona where he was a member of the Tucson Mob, but now lives in Anaheim, California with Ken Pick. Steve also enjoys zaftig females and collecting antique weapons.

Ironbadger has worked for the independent comics publisher Shanda Fantasy Arts for many years, and has created his own book - Beginner's Guide to Drawing Furry Art, a manual aimed at complete beginners for learning to draw furry characters - which was printed in March 2006.

A long time costumer, he was working on creating a series of vacuformed plastic head shell kits for fursuiters. The project was ultimately cancelled due to the rising costs of plastic sheet, and uncertain supply of suitable materials.

Ironbadger no longer owns stormtrooper armor, and was the first stormtrooper seen at California furry conventions.

His pet bunny Ginger was a spoiled brat who loved people, was very friendly, and licked fingers and anything else she could reach. She was also a street rescue Ironbadger found literally in the middle of a street and took home to adopt. "Her royal bunny-ness" ran the house and demanded tribute in treats and scritchies. Ginger passed away in April 2007.

In recent years, Badger has returned to custom knifemaking. He has also taken up the serious study and reproduction of historical arms and armor.

Medical issues have limited his shop time, but he is still keeping up with his research. He is also adding to his tool list and capabilities in order to experiment with the more difficult aspects of armouring.

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