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IrishWolf Lythi, as drawn by Nautilusta.

IrishWolf Lythi is a furry fan who lives in Dublin, Ireland.[1] IrishWolf has been mated to Lexie Dragonwolf since July 16, 2016.[2]


IrishWolf Lythi's fursona is a herm wolf with red-and-black fur and yellow-and-blue eyes. She has purple facial piercings on her ears, snout and nose, as well as several abdominal piercings and a navel piercing.

Other characters[edit]

  • Kira Snowdrop: A herm hybrid sergal/cow character with black-and-white fur with cow spots.[3]
  • Morpheus[4]
  • Raya: A herm Jex character with dark fur, green eyes and green hair.[5]


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