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Invincible (often rendered as Invncble) is a furry and a fursuit maker who lives in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.


[edit] History

Invincible had thought about his inner animal self since age six, and started exploring the furry fandom in 2005. His first fursona was Halo Kitty, a feline with a set of Master Chief armor.

Invincible has attended Midwest Furfest, Further Confusion, and Anthrocon. He is mated to Nitropup.

[edit] Fursuits

Invincible has an interest in fursuits and costuming, an offshoot of his earlier interest in anime cosplay. He has made two fursuits. The first, a puma named Poomie, made its debut at Further Confusion 2007.[1] His second suit, which debuted at Anthrocon 2007, is Hockey Husky, a dark green husky in a hockey jersey and pants.[2]

[edit] References

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