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Inu's husky fursuit, Purple Drank, at the New Year's Furry Ball.

Inu-Desu (also known as Inurenegade, goes by Inu among friends) is a dog furry who lives in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.. His fursona is a black dog of mixed breeds, based off of a dog he had as a child.

Inu is a moderator at The Furst State, Delaware's regional furry forum, and is the owner of the group's IRC channel, at #furst-state on #FurNet. He is also active in the #Softpaws channel on FurNet.


Inu owns two fursuits:

  • Purple Drank, a purple and white husky that was made by Kodi
  • Tesla Mutt, a black and purple canine made by Made Fur You


Inu has attended several conventions and local meets, including Anthrocon, Furfright, Furry Weekend Atlanta, The New Year's Furry Ball, Camp Furst State, and others. He is a regular attendee at the Delaware Furbowl. Additionally, Inu often runs diner meets for Furst State members.