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Inu's husky fursuit, Purple Drank, at the New Year's Furry Ball.

Inu-Desu (also known as Inurenegade, goes by Inu among friends) is a dog furry who lives in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.. His fursona is a black dog of mixed breeds, based off of a dog he had as a child.

Inu is a moderator at The Furst State, Delaware's regional furry forum, and is the owner of the group's IRC channel, at #furst-state on #FurNet. He is also active in the #Softpaws channel on FurNet.

[edit] Fursuits

Inu owns two fursuits:

  • Purple Drank, a purple and white husky that was made by Kodi
  • Tesla Mutt, a black and purple canine made by Made Fur You

[edit] Conventions

Inu has attended several conventions and local meets, including Anthrocon, Furfright, Furry Weekend Atlanta, The New Year's Furry Ball, Camp Furst State, and others. He is a regular attendee at the Delaware Furbowl. Additionally, Inu often runs diner meets for Furst State members.

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