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Innoko is primarily a college student from the Charlotte area of North Carolina, currently studying to be a graphic designer. She was formerly very involved in roleplaying, preferring non-anthro, wildlife-themed MUCKs or the occasional forum based game. She usually plays canine characters or domestic felines. Innoko is also an artist, but is not as involved in the furry art community as she would like to be due to demanding real life obligations.


Innoko is a female wolfdog, half German Shepherd, one quarter Husky, and one quarter wolf. Her player first created her in 2000, as a female Arctic Wolf on Yukon Trails MUCK. However, in 2005 she was redesigned to better reflect her player's personality and appearance. She is most often depicted in a non-anthro form, appearing as a gray, white, and blue canine with German Shepherd features most obvious. Her defining characteristic is a blue spiral on her left shoulder, as well as a shark's tooth necklace and several ear piercings.

Roleplaying history[edit]

Innoko began roleplaying on Yukon Trails MUCK in 2000, then moved to Crossroads MUCK when it opened. She played at Crossroads, Wild Spirits MUSH, and a few other short-lived MU*s until 2003. In 2007, she found Meadows MUCK, and briefly attempted to re-establish her roleplaying presence there. Her only current roleplaying outlet is her own forum-based game, Crescent City.

Real life[edit]

In real life, Innoko is known as Sam and is usually busy being a full-time student. She loves art of all kinds, trains, abandoned places, books, and road trips. Her friends also take up a good portion of her time, although few of them know about her semi-involvement in the furry community. She lives with her fiance, an artist who supports her interest in the fandom but does not share it, as well as two fiesty housecats and several various reptiles.

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