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Author(s) Owner/Lead admin: Sangie
Status Active
Launch date 28 November 2014
Genre Furry art marketplace
Web G
Web NC-17
InkedFur mascot Kamilla, drawn by Machati-sama

InkedFur is an art site that hosts a variety of furry artists and sells prints on their behalf, giving a portion of all sales to the original creators. It went live on November 28th, 2014, just in time for Black Friday.

History and purpose[edit]

InkedFur was created with the goal of giving creators in the furry fandom a safe, friendly, and open environment for making prints.

Sangie had been acting as agent for the artist Fobo at various furry conventions for several years, printing and matting the artist's work for sale. Being a collector of furry artwork himself, Sangie found it was rather difficult to purchase prints if you weren't at a convention. To make matters worse, the quality and prices of convention prints varied greatly, often providing poor value to the customer.

James then teamed up with Fobo, Jijix, Rezzy, Sine Otter, and Arcane the Woof to create a website that serves both artists and art collectors within the furry fandom by serving as both a top-quality print solution and storefront for purchasing work.

Features and services[edit]

InkedFur offers the following features and services relating to print sales and purchasing:

  • Prints separated by category, species, and artist, including the ability to browse general prints only or browse general and adult prints together.
  • Payment Gateway - instead of using PayPal, InkedFur uses (which permits adult material) to handle all payments. All credit card information is stored on's secure servers and not directly on InkedFur's website.
  • Tags - an tagging system similar to that of e621 is used to categorize images.
  • Commission Printing - for non-artists who have commissioned work they'd like to print for personal use. An extra fee is currently not charged.
  • Always-on HTTPS with Comodo to avoid wireless traffic sniffing and to keep all login information encrypted.
  • Drag-and-drop uploading for artists and the InkedFur staff handles creating products for all items uploaded.
  • Sales tracking so artists can see what royalties are owed to them and can view what prints sell the best.

Artist list[edit]

Artists who have used InkedFur include:


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