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InkBunny logo.png
Author(s) Owner/Lead admin: GreenReaper[1]
Status Active
Launch date 9 March 2010 - 12 June, 2010 (closed beta length)
Genre Furry art community
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Inkbunny is a community art site catering to adult furry fans. It went live on June 12, 2010[3] after a three month beta.[4]

Inkbunny has over 225,000 registered members (~17,000 visit in any given day), 477,000 submissions and 88,000 journals as of April 2014.[5] The site mascot is a pink rabbit.[6]

[edit] Philosophy and content

Inkbunny exists to help artists share and sell their work.[7] The site initially took a commission on the sale and distribution of high-resolution digital downloads and prints, but now donations and merchandise are its sole sources of income;[8] no fees are charged to join, display work, engage in business or accept donations on the site.

Inkbunny welcomes artwork and discussions by furries with various interests, fetishes, and 'philias. To facilitate positive discussion, users can control comments on their submissions and journals, and ban disruptive users from commenting or contacting them. Members can avoid work which is not to their taste through keyword- and artist-based blocks.[7]

While Inkbunny members must be adults, half of all hosted work is general-rated.[5] To avoid legal issues, humans may not be depicted nude or in sexual situations.[9] Derivative works are prohibited without explicit permission and material changes, and photography is limited to backgrounds and the display of artwork (including limited fursuit photos).[9]

[edit] Controversy

Soon after the live beta was announced, many high-profile users on Fur Affinity began joining, such as Meesh,[10] Narse[11] and Scappo. Some others claimed the site was intended entirely for cub pornography because many of its staff and testers were involved in the creation of Softpaw, a cub porn publication. The proportion of such work has decreased over time; as of January 2014, 8.9% of the site's submissions were tagged as "cub", including general-audience works.

[edit] Hardware

Inkbunny's main server, Avarice (a rented HP DL380eG8), has as of August 2013:[12]

  • 12 x Intel Xeon E5-2420 64-bit 1.9-2.4Ghz CPU Cores (2 chips with 6 cores each)
  • 32GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2TB SATA2 (4 x 1TB in RAID10) for the web server and asset storage
  • 64GB SSD (2 x 64GB in RAID 1) for the database

There is also a low-powered backup server, Angel.

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