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Koji, one of Inhuman's main characters

Inhuman is a sci-fi webcomic created by Icarus that takes place after Humans have begun to colonize the stars. It is influenced deeply by existentialistic philosophy like that of Jean Paul Sartre. The story focuses mainly around several different aliens.


  • Hekshanian
Homeworld Name: Hekshano
Mammals with fur covering most of their bodies. Large tail, usually a little over half their height, that are not very flexible and are used for balance. Large feet with thick and tough soles.


Ro Koji[edit]

Koji, the resident pilot, is a Nikitak: a Hex-limbed (six limbs) mustiliod, covered in a thick white fur coat. He has two large antenna above his head in the place of ears. Koji seems to be perpetually in a good mood, and acts as a father figure to the other characters. He can use his middle set of limbs as either feet or hands. Koji wears a jester's hat in theme with his ship, the Jester X.


Sullen, secretive and abraisive, Sartre's bad attitude is only matched by his intelligence and ability to gather obscure information in times of need. Sartre is a Myche, resembling a cross between a small horse and a lizard with exceptionally large ears and a fairly thick coat of blue fur.

Soshika Lypha[edit]

Soshika is a Hekshanian. A sullen medic who does not get along well with Humans, Soshika's parents were killed in the Hekshanian Massacre.

Solla Flint[edit]

A serious and composed intelligence officer, Solla is more open-minded than many of her people.


A mysterious, silent and underweight young human, he suffers from schizophrenia and appears to have some connections to the Rulerist military.

Kyotoshi Lypha[edit]

Soshika's brother, Kyotoshi is a friendly but deeply troubled young man who somewhat unwittingly takes Grey under his wing.

Zara Nikko[edit]

A cold and slightly sadistic woman, she enters a relationship with Kyotoshi inside the hospital.

Juu Dyrano[edit]

A young teenager staying in the psychological ward of the hospital who becomes Kyotoshi's roommate.

Ashido Tsukiyo[edit]

A seemingly upbeat former rockstar, Ashido has joined the resistance as a form of tribute to his deceased brothers.


A realist and a tactician, Chovek is Kyotoshi's somewhat reluctant significant other seemingly the only one who realizes the full danger they are in.


A telepathic, feral cat creature claiming to be Aslilin's twin brother, he seems the more Human of the two bounty hunters.


A friendly dock worker from Earth and Grey's past, Em seems intent on helping, although what happened to him is a mystery...

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