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Jump to: navigation, search (also referred to as InflataFurs or the Inflatable Furry Hub) has been a furry inflation forum administered by Fur Affinity founder Alkora. It was created as an alternative site when the InflatioNation forum closed down in 2007 (although later reopened in 2008).

The website is currently no longer available.

If you click on the website's link you will see the following:

"The previous host holding the forums is offline. I currently have no files or database structure for it, so I am considering it a loss at the moment. I may at a later time consider doing something new with this location however.

Please keep an eye out on my twitter account: @alkoradrabbit

- Alkora"

The forums were initially opened in June 16, 2007, as an alternative to the defunct InflationNation forums. Most of the members from the IN moved. On March 13, 2008, the long term plans for a Fur Affinity-style gallery gained fruition and the Inflatable Furry Hub came online. On March 11, 2009, nearly a year later, the forum was moved to, where the new version of the Inflatable Furry Hub will come online at a later date.


  • The Inflatable Furry Hub was featured in Something Awful's Weekend Web section on August 26th 2007.[1]. The community were light-hearted and didn't take much offence from it.[2] However, as a precautionary measure, the forums were made member only from that point.
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