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Infiltration Title 1.jpg
Host(s) Kuvera, Panda
Update schedule Never launched
Genre Talk, Comedy, General
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Infiltration was a proposed podcast, to be focused mainly towards teenage furries and furries that are new to furry fandom; although furs of any age were to be free to tune in. The show - inspired by 2 Sense and Clawcast - was to be created and hosted by Kuvera, and co-hosted by her non-furry companion nicknamed 'Panda'.

The production was noted as being "still in major construction" in June 2008, with no updates since.


  • Tidings of The World - Recent news stories from around the globe, either from internet news sites or television, which is then discussed/commented on by the hosts.
  • LOL News - Various types of news stories found that can range from nausating, strange, kinky, gory, stupid, and completely devoid of all common sense.
  • Furpile of Participation - Listeners send in their own recorded rants, music, poems, etc. and (after being reviewed firstly by the hosts) are played and sometimes commented on by the hosts of the show.
  • Advice from The Muzzle - Listeners who may be in need of advice, want the hosts opinions of something, or may just want to ask questions, send in their emails that are read out on air, and are given advice or comments from Kuvera or Panda.
  • Feedback from The FurFans - Comments and feedback of an episode written by the listeners are read aloud and are replied by the hosts of the podcast.

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