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Indrora (Morgan Gangwere) lives in New Mexico where he is a student in the art of writing code. More often that not he is found in the various IRC channels he frequents (namely #linuxfurs on AnthroChat, #windows, #linux and #defocus on Freenode).


Indrora is a 6 foot tall anthro yellow fox of moderate to medium build who is often seen wearing - most of the time - camouflage gear (Desert Storm 1-era) and a T-shirt, generally of some programming ire. A messenger bag refitted for laptops and other tools goes with him everywhere.


Indrora is interested in many things, though one key item is his love of programming, however he enjoys playing games such as Team Fortress 2 and Quake III with fellow furries. When in IRC, he tries to have intelligent conversations on a variety of topics, from style guidelines in C# to whats going to go on with the latest updates on his favorite games.

When it comes to computers he's a protagonist of Linux, his operating system of choice, of which he prefers the Debian distribution. He also on occasion uses varieties of UNIX such as Plan9. He usually works in Windows, though usually under the careful setup of a Cygwin environment. When coding, He uses either Visual Studio or SharpDevelop for doing .NET development, with Code::Blocks for C++ and OpenGL work. His focus primarily revolves around small, simple to use apps (such as clipboard assistants and other such things) however he's done some larger projects.

Art is also another one of Indrora's focuses. He enjoys artists such as Cerberus (Tirrel) and Al Mackey, as well as those that led him into the fandom such as Shadow Wolf and Kuitsuku. He is also a mild artist himself, usually coloring line art or modifying images from other artists.

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