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Subject General/multi-genre
Operator(s) InWorldz
Status Ongoing
Ran from/to 2009 - present

InWorldz is an online virtual world consisting of hundreds of interconnected large-scale areas populated by interactive avatars, whose players may choose to take any form they can create or purchase. The major form of short-distance transportation is flight, while transportation between areas is typically performed through teleportation; both abilities are innate. The "main grid" is restricted to those 18 or over, as some regions contain strong violence or sexual content. InWorldz is accessed with its client software, also known as a "viewer". The client connects to the grid, a cluster of machines running the server software. Third-party clients are popular among users.

As of April 2016, InWorldz has 142,009 registered users and anywhere from 100-300 active users daily. It costs nothing to create an account or browse the grid in it's entirely and some places do offer free shops and places to rent. All uploads are free also.


The exact history of InWorldz isn't well known however early drafts were often compared to that of OsGrid and other OpenSim grids like it in terms of quarkeyness, movement, and ability to do things. All InWorldz updates and rewrites are closed source, as is much of the server software itself(similar to Second Life).


Second Life avatars can be customized to the point where they look exactly like one's Fursona.
Upon registering, a player receives a personal avatar to represent them in the virtual world. The appearance of one's avatar is fully customizable and can be shaped and resized almost like clay. Additionally, there are many player-made accessories for one to dress their avatar up with. "Body parts" can also be made, which includes things like anthropomorphic features such as tails, pointy ears, animal heads, paws, etc. Most furries active in Second Life have these kinds of avatars.


Membership is free to enter and browse the grid, however if one wants land, avatars use what is known as the Izzie(IZ). The current rate is $5usd=2500iz, making it easy on those who don't have alot of money but want to purchase items. Land rates vary by estate, but to purchase your own land costs USD.


Many residents the come to InWorldz come from grids such as Second Life and note the vast differences. The biggest one is lag(or the lack of it). The second is that all uploads are free, the exchange rate doesn't float, and a full sim in InWorldz gives you 48,000 prims/LI whereas a full sim in Second Life gives you 15,000 prims/LI. Also something specific to InWorldz is the ability to purchase what is known as a 2x2. It's 4 sims in a block array. Each sim has 12,000 prims(totaling 48,000) to play with but is billed as having one sim, so if someone wanted alot of land, this is an option(and it's only $10 more then the price of a standard sim).

InWorldz and furry[edit]

The furry fandom at one time had a presence in InWorldz, but for whatever reason, completly died out. There have been several attempts at recreating one even though both furs and nekos reside there.

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