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Imperial Lion striking a pose.

Imperial Lion (born January 20, 1986)[1] is a fursuiter who lives with his mate, Kurisu-kitsune, in Texas, U.S.A.[2]

Imperial's fursona is an ashen-tan lion with long ivory hair. His fursuit, depicting this fursona, was constructed by Noble Wolf. Imperial is also a furry writer, using the pseudonym Leo Kendrick.

Imperial was on the staff of Oklacon 2010, as Security Coordinator.


Imperial's first convention was Anthrocon 2008, where he debuted his fursuit. He has worn it at every con he's attended to date. Which includes Oklacon 2008, Anthrocon 2009, Furry Fiesta 2009, Oklacon 2009, Furry Fiesta 2010, Oklacon 2010, Furry Fiesta 2011, and Wild Nights 2011.


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