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The Immunizer is a fictional object featured the Maranatha series of stories by Alex "Osfer" Vance.

The Immunizer is a device which filters viruses and bacteria from the blood and renders the user resistant to the point of immunity against most diseases. The process is lengthy and inconvenient and must be performed regularly. it takes at least one year, sometimes two or three, of monthly treatments before the treatment reaches maximum efficacy, and consequently not everyone uses it.

Modern Immunizers are quite expensive to use and require extensive per-patient tuning, but are also very quick; a procedure takes merely a few minutes. Older models, such as those used in Free Clinics take several hours, so they must be signed up for well in advance. Older models are uncomfortable and leave the user with muscular aches and lethargy for the remainder of the day.

Originally, the three small wounds in a triangular pattern under the armpit were an unavoidable byproduct of the Immunizer, and it still is with the older models. Newer models can deliberately make three small punctures in the underarm, since this has become the sign for someone who uses an Immunizer regularly and is thus disease-free. Consequently, the grabbing of the back of one's head and the miming of exposing one's armpit has become a gesture to indicate someone who has frequent anonymous sex.

Writer: Alex Vance
Illustrators: Ayato · Distasty · Krahnos · Charha · Fel