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Immortal_Vanguard aka Mark Jakubowski (born January 18, 1989) is a male Rune Wolf from Maryland. He is on Second Life as Gabrel Silvera. Immortal_Vanguard joined the fandom late 2003.

He participates in a Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition Homebrew campaign, Endikar: Worlds Apart. as Vincent Broening, the Ursine Druid.


Immortal_Vanguard has gold-tinged fur with silver patches of fur in the shape of Norse runes. He wears a silver medallion. He often wears a "I club Cheaters" T-shirt from The Whiteboard, as well as a black cloth bracelet and khaki cargo shorts. He also wears camo pants, a ThinkGeek, "No I Will Not Fix Your Computer" T-Shirt, and black trenchcoat.

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