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Immelmann (born April 13, 1987) is a furry artist located in Massachusetts, U.S.A., best known as the author of the webcomics Concession, Ballerina Mafia, and The Order of the Black Dog.

His fursona originated as a wolf/rabbit hybrid, but eventually switched permanently to a raptor.

His name, "Immelmann", comes from the anime Last Exile, which, in turn, takes the name from the WWI German fighter pilot Max Immelmann. The name was given to him by a good friend and made its first public appearance at Anime Boston 2006.



Immelmann's first and best-known webcomic is Concession, a humor comic about the staff of a movie theater that eventually turned into a drama series with a spiritual twist. It was named Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story in the 2009 Ursa Major Awards.

At the Heart of it All[edit]

At the Heart of it All is a personal, semi-autobiographical comic that Immelmann used as a sort of public self therapy, featuring experimental art styles and the use of Flash. It sometimes features characters from Concession and, rarely, Furthia High.

Ballerina Mafia[edit]

The gag-a-day strip Ballerina Mafia promised to have no plot and very few recurring characters. A sort of spiritual sequel to At the Heart of it All, as it uses the same art style, it occasionally has autobiographical looks into Immelmann's post-college life.

The Order of the Black Dog[edit]

Immelmann's newest comic is The Order of the Black Dog, a sci-fi/Lovecraftian horror strip set in an alternative near-future with a Egyptian super-power.


Mire cover wikifur.jpg

Immelmann is an ambient musician and has released one album for free download.


  1. "Beset by Creatures of the Deep" – 2:27
  2. "Ghosts in the Machine" – 14:42
  3. "Mire" – 24:17
  4. "Like Vines Crawling Towards the Infinite" – 14:50

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