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Imaginary Skye la Lux, or just Skye, is a fursuiter who lives in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.[1]

He was 19 in July of 2012 has mentionned in a video [2] but his birthday is unknown.

Skye's fursona is a grey fox, and his fursuit was constructed by Defiant Tail Waggers Anonymous.[3]

Skye is a member of the YouTube group difFURently, which posts dance covers and other silly videos.

His real name is Zach[4]

He is a dancer in a Furry dance group called Furternity [5]

He won 1st place at the dance competition of Anthrocon[6] in 2013

He appeared in Wikipedia:Fursonas (film)[7] a documentary about furries made in 2015.


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