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Illucian, as drawn by Neverwench.

Illucian (also known as Lux) (born February 23, 1983) is a fantasy/furry art-hobbyist. Her personal avatar is a gryphatoo, a gryphon with the avian qualities of a cockatoo (specifically, an umbrella cockatoo) rather than a raptor. Her hindparts are those of a clouded leopard in white with rainbow spots, though due to the coloration she is often mistaken for having snow leopard hindquarters. She is usually depicted nonmorphic. Previously she was known to appear as a dragon race called the ludrakoni with white-iridescent scales, a unicorn-style horn, and feathered wings, but switched her persona when she found the gryphatoo persona was a more accurate portrayal.

Illucian has been a member of the Gryphon's Guild since 1996, and was an active administrator of the Guild for some years. She is no longer active in an administration role, though she does occasionally drop by her old haunts.

She currently resides in Northern California, and has attended Further Confusion since 2005. Illucian is married to Eclipse, a black gryphon with white wings and glasses, who is the creator of The Gryphon Pages.

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