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[when?] Illegal Operation is a partially furry band from Garden Grove, California formed by Rod O'Riley. Three of the four current members are furs, and three current members are also songwriters. The band performs both original and cover songs, with a heavy 80's feeling to both. The band compares their sound to their many influences, ranging from Lenny Kravitz to Warren Zevon to Social Distortion and beyond. The band's symbol is a red circle with a white X superimposed.

Their first major appearance was to have been as part of a rock festival at the 2006 Worldcon (LA Con IV) in Anaheim, California, but the proposed musical event unfortunately fell through when it went over-budget. Rod still organized a Furry Fandom Lounge as part of the Worldcon 2006 programming. Illegal Operation still plan to perform their version of the science fiction concept album "Pink World" by Planet P Project at a later venue. They also plan to perform at various science fiction, furry, and music festivals in California.


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