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Ilia Kitsune. Art by DemoWeasel.

Ilia Kitsune, also known as IliaVulpie or Ilia Tevuloyev (born July 31, 2000), is a furry artist, fursuiter and digital artist who lives in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Ilia has considered himself part of the furry fandom as well as drawing since late 2016, which he specializes in macro/micro art. His first appearance at a convention was at Just Fur The Weekend 2019. He has also created a fictional concept world for his fursona, and has constructed a conlang for the concept world.


Ilia's fursona is a fox with primarily dark crimson colored fur and has an average height of 7ft 9in (236.7cm), an average weight of 263lbs (119.3kg), and on average stands at 94.7m (310.7ft) when macro. His fursona's full name is Ilia Tevuloyev and was created back in late 2014 as a Sonic fan character, until considering himself part of the furry fandom in 2016. He lives in a fictional world.


Ilia now owns a fursuit which was constructed by Charred Fursuits.

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