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Devon Howe is a person whose fursona species is Iithra.

Iithra (pronounced EE-thruh, plural is iithra) are a fictional species created by Devon Howe for the single purpose of creating a unique fursona that featured almost all the characteristics that he desired. The name iithra has no origin and was made up on the spot. They are a mostly tree dwelling species baring traits from several different species.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

Iithra at first glance look like a cross between a mouse and a fox. Typical characteristics include a distinctly canine muzzle, but with large whiskers more like a rodents. The males have large fox-like ears, whereas the females ears are more rounded like a mouse. Their headfur can grow out to resemble human hair. Each limb is tipped with four digits with retractable claws. The hindlegs are digitigrade and the innermost toe is opposable. Their average height is roughly 5'4" but this can vary significantly on rare occasions to anywhere between 3'2" and 7'1". Their tails average at about 6 feet in length and a width of 2.5 inches in diameter at the base narrowing to 1.5 inches at the tip. The tail tip has a bush of longer thicker fur similiar to the of a kangaroo rat. Their fur is short and soft and can come in a variety of different colors and patterns. Natural coloring could be shades of white, black, grey, tan, and brown. Although it is not uncommon for some of them to dye their fur any number of colors. Common patterns include zigzagging stripes, and large blotchey spots.


At some point in time, uncertain whether it was the future, the past, or a time that never was. A freak act of quantum physics caused sub-atomic particles to spontaneously exist in the impossibly coincidental shape of a life form. Thus the first iithra was born. Unfortunately this happened three miles above the ground and he quickly plummeted to his death. In a slightly less absurd coincidence he crashed through the roof of a lab where three scientists were conducting genetic experiments.

The scientists agreed that this dead creature was a perfect test subject for their experiments. Unfortunately, there was some confusion about what the experiments were. One scientist believed they were producing bio-weaponry, the second believed they were producing sex toys, while the third was under the impression that they were making the best toaster anyone had ever seen. This confusion resulted in several unusual experiments which, when combined caused the iithra to be reanimated. After thanking the scientists for fixing him, even if only by accident, and treating them to several wonderfully toasted foods, the iithra left, stealing their cloning technology after he learned that they planned to mass produce him and sell the clones as slaves, without paying him royalties.

After a short career as a model, the iithra made enough money to purchase a spaceship, which he took to another planet where he could call home. The ship accidentally passed through a wormhole on the way flinging him to 8,000 years before now. But he didn't mind since back then there was much less traffic in space.

Finding a hospitable world which he named Aura, he got to work with the stolen cloning technology, mixing his DNA with the indigenous plant and animal life to create enough bio-diversity to make a species. After the millionth iithra was cloned, he buried the technology and the ship he came in and let nature do the rest.