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Unity, drawn by Ignigeno.

Ignigeno is a female anthro/furry artist born in London, England on September 5th, 1983. Her alias is a latin word meaning "Born from fire", chosen due to her having red hair and a very deep love of the Latin language. Ignigeno is a pseudonym and not character-specific.


Her fursona, Unity is her personal avatar which she describes as a lion/unicorn hybrid, characterized by white fur with red markings, cloven hooves and a single horn on her forehead. Occasionally she depicts herself as a canine-like character named Hex, an ill-mannered and slightly psychotic alter-ego.

Ignigeno's interest in the furry fandom stems from an obsession with Dr. Viper, a villain from the 90's cartoon show, SWAT Kats. He is depicted in the vast majority of her artwork and she holds a particular devotion to him. She also has a fondness for Stranger "Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath", Hammerhead Hannigan "Darkwing Duck" and for the Galka race of Final Fantasy XI Online.

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