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IcelandFurs is a community of furries based in Iceland, open to both locals and foreigners. It started to take shape in 2006 when a few Icelandic furries began hanging out. The group officially settled on the name IcelandFurs in 2009 when it was given a presence on FurAffinity to post news about gatherings and events.


Among the attendees of the early meetups were Redward, Karno, Boe Bat, RandomArcticFox and IceMan. Myra Midnight hosted many of the meetups over the years at a convenient burger-joint and the local mall located very close to her home.

In 2013, the group started to grow after Redward passed on the responsibility of organizing events and convention trips to Abby-Fennec and their ex-partner Harry. The group found its way onto Facebook to act as a news center for the group. Main form of communication within the group since then has mainly been Telegram.

In May 2014, a website was established under the domain, with Myra Midnight managing the hosting for it. Though the community was too small to have a functioning forum community, there were attempts to establish a forum on the website along with a news blog, both of which ended up inactive.

Since then, the group has hosted annual cabin trips called IceFurCabin, with foreign visitors attending the gatherings, and planned groups that would attend Nordic Fuzz Con together.

There was a change in management within the group in 2019, with no specific person in charge.

During 2020 the group had at least 30 members, including a few foreign friends that mingle with the crowd.

As of 2023, the group is run by a collective of administrators with the support of the IcelandFurs community consisting of around 60 members, and the official website is worked on by ApherFox.

As of 2024, the group has over 100 members and Quellix and Boe Bat have taken over then host of the official website as ApherFox has left the team.

Social platforms[edit]

The group is mainly active on Telegram, and the current way to gain access is through a lobby group to filter out bots and trolls. From there, you can gain access to the SFW group and over time, you may get access to the other groups.

The Facebook, Twitter, and Furaffinity pages managed by the group have been less active but are slowly getting more and more active after the new website has been set up.

The website is the main place for information about events and furmeets as of now.


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