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IcelandFurs is the group in Iceland for the local furries, though foreigners are welcome to mingle. Officially it is a forum based community that has recently set up a Discord server for it's members. There are other platforms where the group tries to reach it's members, such as facebook, telegram and Fur_Affinity


It can be said that the IcelandFurs started to take shape back in 2006 when a few local Icelandic furries decided to hang out. Among the attendees were Myra Midnight, Redward, Karno and IceMan.

It wasn't until around 2009 that the group officially settled on the name IcelandFurs when Redward tried to create a website for the group on a free hosting.

So far the group is still growing bigger and we have had many people visit us from other countries to join in local events and gatherings.

The official website[edit]

The current website came up on May 1st, 2014 and Myra Midnight became the webmaster who manages the website and is still the webmaster for the group.

The website is currently down for maintenance and redesign.

Social platforms[edit]

The IcelandFurs have always been looking for a good place for it's members to gather, which has included a forum on the official website, facebook group, multiple telegram groups and discord.

It wasn't until summer of 2019 that the group created a official discord server for it's members,

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