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This is not the same person as similarly-named Icewolf Tundrastalker (now named Wolfbird)

Ice-Wolf (born 1982) in real life is a software engineer who lives in San Diego, California, USA. He attends a number of furry conventions, most often making appearances at Anthrocon and Further Confusion. Please note the inclusion of the hyphen in the name.

He was introduced to the furry fandom in mid-1996 when he was part of the Sonic the Hedgehog fan community that centered around the mailing list hosted on At this time, he was often found on EFNet#sonic. During this time, he had been seen in a variety of online services that were developing in the Internet boom, most often using the handle Ice-Wolf consistantly after July 1997.

Personal details[edit]

Ice has attended the University of Calgary beginning in 2000 and graduated from the Fine Arts program with a major in Painting. His primary focus has been on the colour application and expression following on in the Neo-expressionist style. In addition, he concurrently obtained an Engineering degree from the Haskayne School Of Engineering in Software Engineering, not to be confused with Computer Science which are distinct in Canada.

Ice is currently employed in the Engineering sector developing contract software, as well as in his spare time providing graphics design and art commissions through his fledgling company, Deep-Freeze.

In the past, Ice has provided translation services for various online groups requiring Japanese translations for sound-tracks, titles, and Anime. Ice was a regular participant on the Anime forums and contributed lyrics until 2004, when time constraints began to impose on hobbies.

He speaks, reads, and writes multiple languages. His knowledge of contemporary Japanese is at a near-native level of fluency, though his skill has degraded somewhat due to disuse. He also have elementary knowledge of German, and one-way fluency in Spanish being his first language (but in disuse for over a decade).

Primary character details[edit]

Ice-Wolf is a blueish-white Arctic-wolf of medium build and has in recent years not been visually depicted. He stands 5' 11" and keeps his weight around 180lb. He is often scruffy, and changes his hair style often, although it is kept short to medium length.

His temperament is very self-centred and bitter, but will always but on a false front to keep his inner thoughts hidden from those around him, and to keep his problems away from the world. He strives on information, and on keeping relations well, but always tries to have a good grasp of the situations he is placed, and feels quite uncomfortable in situations where he has no control or where there is a lot of unknowns in play.

His history is long and complicated, however from his relations with Dina, his outlook on life, and current situation has been subject to much change.

Other character details[edit]

Ice, as an artist has a wealth of characters created and fleshed out for use in the novels written for publication and potential animation. As most of the characters and artwork are currently in review for federal artist grants, and trademark registration, no further information is available at this time.