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Ibun in his Newbury Comics Shirt

Ibun Cloudslayer (Ibun for short) is a gray American shorthair housecat from Massachusetts. His main interest is in music, his favorite genre being progressive rock. Ibun is commonly misconceived as a bunny whose name is reference to the line of Apple products, such as the iMac and iPod. Despite his love for music, that is not the case. His name originates from before he even became a furry. He found some online name translator program and Ibun Cloudslayer is a translation of his real name from English to Orcish.


Ibun's first real interest in the fandom came from a likely source, the infamous CSI episode. Rather than deter him, it sparked something inside him that he had for a while; but could never put his finger on it. He'd always felt a sort of spiritual connection with cats, like he could feel their comfort within himself. Finally, thanks to this episode, he realized why.

Once he made his way into the fandom, the choice of his fursona was a no-brainer. The species and colorings are a tribute to his late cat Sydney. She was the closest friend he had growing up, and was devastated when he lost her. It is his way of always keeping her with him.

Detailed Description[edit]

Ibun stands at an average six foot tall, and has a lean build with just a tad bit of muscle. Most of his body is covered in smoky gray fur, though his paws are completely white including his feet, which have no shoes on them. Much like a penguin, his belly is white; but it extends further up, stopping just below his nose, covering all over his cheeks and chin, which has a small black patch of fur right in the center of it, a sort of a birthmark. His headfur is pretty short and messy, and is jet black as well, nothing too fancy, he likes to keep it as low maintenance as he can. The inside of his ears are a lighter shade of gray than the rest of his body, and his eyes shimmer like a pair of dark emeralds.

For clothing, he wears a pair of blue jean shorts that cut off just below the knees and a black t-shirt with the logo of the record store he often visits, Newbury Comics, written in white. His glasses are oval shaped, and are more horizontal than vertical, and have a brownish trim to them.

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