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Iara Warriorfeather

Iara Warriorfeather, also known as ChocolateStarfire (born 1985),[1] is a furry artist and furry writer from Southern California, US.


Iara is an adjunct instructor. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Geology from CSULB. Her hobbies include photography, drawing, and writing fiction. She also collects as well as customizes several generations of My Little Ponies[2].


Iara’s fursona is a feral raptor dinosaur. She is fully feathered, with mahogany contour feathers and cream and black banded primaries, secondaries and tailfeathers. She has bright green eyes. She is mated to a male raptor dinosaur named Atum-Bennu. She is the protagonist of the online novel Iara’s Crossing.

Iara's Crossing[edit]

Iara's Crossing is a paleo-fantasy genre online novel that was first drafted by Iara in 2008 and posted on DeviantART in 2010 [3].


Iara is an avian on the path of the Warrior, a being that represents harmony and balance in a savage prehistoric world. Raised in a secluded forest enclave, Iara and her avian friends know little of the dangers that await them in the outside world. Aided by shapeshifting avians, can Iara learn the secrets of a mysterious Archaeopteryx Warrior and take up the call to save her homeland from invading tyrants, before it is too late? Find out in Iara's Crossing!

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Iara is also a watcher on the Furtopia forums [4].


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