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Bucker Fuskyote, aka MooglePower or Ian the Fox, (born April 21, 1986) is an anthropomorphic fuskyote (husky, coyote, red fox hybrid) from the Brentwood Hills neighborhood of Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA. He plays many instruments, particularly the piano, celtic harp, dulcimer, whistles, bass guitar, guitar, Irish bouzouki, Irish tenor banjo, and mandolin. He can sing and program computers as well. He's also a big fan of rodeos and frequently attends them. He claims that there is no separation from his real-life and online personalities.

Bucker is a gay furry. He made up the name mooglepower when he was in the fourth grade, although it's something he'd like to eventually change. Although he's not a moogle, he does like moogles a lot.

In real life, Ian is attending UC Davis, studying Ethnomusicology.

With his many musical talents, Bucker plays in the Irish traditional music group Barghest. He also sings with The Jumpmen, an a cappella quartet specializing in video game music. His other singing involvements include the UCLA Chorale, Chamber Singers, and Paid Ensemble. He is also a member of the rock group Illegal Operation and the trio Dr. Zayus with fellow fur Rod O'Riley. He sings and plays guitar and keyboard with them.


Ian was born on April 21, 1986, at the UCLA medical center. He has always lived in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, CA. He was originally enrolled in two preschools, Kenter Canyon's Co-op and Brentwood Presbyterian. Eventually, his parents removed him from the Co-op and he finished out his preschool years at Brentwood Pres.

It was during this time that he started to work with computers thanks to his computer-literate aunt who taught him how to use and program an old Apple IIc.

He immediately started attending elementary school at Turningpoint, located then at the Leo Baeck temple in Bel Air, in 1991. He started forming a core friend group at Turningpoint sometime in 2nd grade, consisting of a few of the girls in his grade. Unfortunately, they all left after the 4th grade, and Ian was left in a class of seven other kids feeling somewhat alone until he graduated from Turningpoint in 1998. However, it was during his time at Turningpoint that he discovered his love of music and singing thanks to a particularly inspirational music teacher.

He then moved onto Crossroads School for middle and high school. Although a small school, Crossroads turned out to be just what he needed at the time. It provided him with stable in-school, friends and allowed him to explore and grow. He discovered his love of languages thanks to an especially wonderful Latin program and also his love of science, thanks to two extremely inspirational teachers in the W.M. Keck Math & Science Foundation on campus. He also explored his love of performing in musical theatre, ending his time in middle school with the huge production of Cabaret.

During high school, he expanded greatly on his interests, doing work with the NASA DAWN project (a project to send a probe to the asteroids Vesta and Ceres) and UCLA's LAPD (LArge Plasma Device). He also did two projects under the Keck Math & Science Institute Independent Study program, both in computer science.

All of the science programs didn't stop him from pursuing his love of music. He was a member of the 21st Street Singers and also of the acapella quintet The Acafellas (two time winners of the California Junior Classical League's "That's Entertainment" award). He was also in a touring production of the musical "Godspell".

During all of this, Ian also participated heavily in the California Junior Classical League (CJCL), an organization for the furthering of classical civilization and languages (mostly Latin), culminating in his one-year tenure as the state webmaster during the 2003-2004 school year. The annual state-wide convention (known fondly as "Latin Convention" by attendees) was always the highlight of his year. He continues to attend as a chaperone and judge.

In May 2004, Ian graduated from Crossroads, one of three students named National Merit Scholars out of a class of 110. However, his graduation didn't stop him from being involved with the Crossroads community. He has programmed the high school's grading system and several facets of the attendance system currently in use. He now works seasonally in the IS department, fixing computers, performing server maintenance, and working on various programming projects.

During his senior year, Ian made the decision to apply to ten colleges and universities: five of them public, five of them private. His top choice was always UCLA and when he received his acceptance letter from UCLA, he knew where he was going.

He was accepted as a Marine Biology major but has since found his home in the Linguistics department as a Linguistics and Anthropology major. After getting off to a bit of a confused start (taking a variety of seemingly random courses including Old Norse), he is now on track to completing his major.

During his first year at UCLA, Ian was approached by Jeff and Hanibal and asked to join an as-yet-unnamed a cappella quartet. After settling on a name, The Jumpmen (as they are now called) auditioned for the prestigious Spring Sing competition and were accepted. After performing a medley of songs from the original Super Mario Bros. game to a sold out crowd of over 5000, they found out that they had won an award for their performance. They have most recently recorded several songs for G4TV's Geek Out pilot episode.

Also during his first year at UCLA, he contacted several musicians to form an Irish traditional music group. Now known as Barghest, the quintet proceeded to play in Bruin Plaza, a crowded section of the UCLA campus near to the student union.

In June 2008, Ian graduated from UCLA, earning a B.A. in Linguistics and Anthropology with a minor in Music History. He chose to attend UC Davis for his graduate studies and hopes to earn a PhD in Ethnomusicology. He started his studies at UC Davis in September 2010.

Furry history[edit]

Ian first found furry at the age of 15 thanks to the room #furry_realm on the EsperNet IRC network. After being a horse for six months, he decided that he was much more a fox than a horse, owing mostly to his inquisitive yet sly nature.

He attended his first (and last) ConFurence in 2003 and entered the Filk competition, winning the audience choice award. Although it was his first furry convention, he felt at home and content there.

In addition to Confurence, Ian has attend Califur 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4, Furry Weekend Atlanta 2009, Further Confusion 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, Anthrocon 2008, RainFurrest 2008, and Midwest FurFest 2008. He has performed at most of these cons at whichever version of the variety show is available.

Immediately after he turned 18, he started attending the Rick's Café Terrestrienne parties at Rick and Tess's house. After Rick and Tess moved, he continued to attend the parties, now moved to the Prancing Skiltaire. He is now a semi-regular.

Finally, after more than 5 years in the fandom, Ian chose his fur name: Bucker. He also changed his species again to a fuskyote: a fox, husky, and coyote hybrid. It better reflects his diverse nature and real life multi-racial background.


At Anthrocon 2008, Ian received his fursuit from Moose BMD. The suit is a fox, husky, and coyote hybrid. Suiting instantly became his new obsession and he spends much of his free time in suit where appropriate. He immediately began to practice dancing in fursuit and has taken up dancing as his new hobby.

Current affairs[edit]

Ian is working on writing a musical. He is also writing some furry songs for his own enjoyment.

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