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IMVU logo.gif
Motto: Beyond instant messaging
Subject General/multi-genre
Operator(s) IMVU, Inc.
Status Ongoing
Ran from/to 2004 - present

IMVU is a graphical, 3D IM-style chat system with personalized 3D avatars and environments that lets any user interact with the person they’re chatting with. It also allows users (reported to be at around 3 million as of October 2006), to develop and create 3D clothing, hair, pets, and scenes for other users to purchase. The client software, which is still in beta stage, supports Windows platforms only.

IMVU and furry[edit]

Screenshot of the furry-specific IMVU welcome page
Screenshot including express your inner furry ad

Although the basic IMVU avatar is human, the service allows users to design, develop, and distribute furry AV based characters and add-ons (tails, ears, etc.). IMVU has specifically marketed to the furry fandom,[1][2] and continues to do so as of March 2009.[3]

IMVU has acquired the site Fur Affinity in January 2015.

The site has a number[clarify] of furry-oriented groups.


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  3. IMVU ads appearing on a Google search for "WikiFur" (27 February 2008):
    • "Furries in 3D: Thousands of furries have found a home in 3D. Get your fur on, free"
    • "express your inner furry: You are just two clicks away from your very own 3D furry avatar."
    • "Fun 3D Furry Chat: Find fellow furry friends and make your own furry look! Sign up free"
    • "Chat With Furries in 3D: Meet other furries for 3D chat and role-playing! Sign up free.

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