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The cover to i.s.o. issue 1

i.s.o. was a gay-themed furry comedy comic book series by Vince Suzukawa. The comic is published semi-annually; seven issues of the comic book have been published so far and #8 is scheduled to debut at Anthrocon 2009.[1]

Like his earlier series The Class Menagerie, i.s.o. takes place at fictional DeMontfort University in California, and much of the story is set in Richter Hall, a fictional three-story dormitory building. Whereas TCM took place on the remains of the dorm's third floor, i.s.o. takes place on the first floor. Also unlike TCM, the cast of i.s.o. is predominantly made up of LGBT characters.

The title i.s.o. is an acronym commonly used in personal ads, meaning "In Search Of", reflecting the main character's infatuation with a certain man. It also refers to the Greek prefix iso-, meaning "equal" or "normal", reflecting the lifelong desire of the main character, Cody Frost, to always appear as normal as possible, despite the fact that he is gay.

i.s.o. won the 2006 Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Comic Book, breaking a five-year run by Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo.

The last comic strip was posted on the 14th June 2010, and the comic has officially ended.[2]


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