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Icq logo img.png
Author(s) quoting_mungo and Veritas
Update schedule Ongoing weekend updates
Launch date August 1, 2010
Genre Adult, drama, slice of life
Censor NC17 button.png

I.C.Q. is a furry webcomic by quoting_mungo and Veritas. It's a mature slice-of-life comic, centered around three roommates in a fictional college town. The comic was released on August 1 2010 after more than half a year of periodically having supplemental character art and other extra material released in its LiveJournal community. The comic's title was formed from the initials of the main characters' species, as well as selected for its phonetical reading.

Main characters[edit]

  • Sarah Woolf - a sheltered and sometimes naïve impala with rabbit blood.
  • Toni Squire - a short calico cat, the oldest of the roommates and the only one who isn't going to college.
  • Blake Masterson - a quagga who hates nothing more than being called a zebra.

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