I'm Not A Freak

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I'm Not A Freak is a song written and performed by Scottish electro band The Raccoon Gang. The song was performed by two of the members, Mark The Fox (alternative name for Keeny Fox) and Craig The Adventurer The song is about furries, although Keen is the only member of the band who actually can be considered a furry.

The majority of the song was written by Keen with additions by Craig. It is a rant directed at people who have stereotyped views and opinions of furries and their activities, and attempts to explain that many furries aren't so far into the fandom as the world makes them out to be. Keen wrote the song because he didn't like being ridiculed by his real-life friends because of his involvement in furry fandom, but later disowned it because he decided he didn't like it.

The song appears on The Raccoon Gang's third CD, 'The Foxes Of Suburbia', which was recorded live in February 2007. The song itself was recorded in Keen's bedroom in one take. Both Mark and Craig appear to have disowned the song, implying that the song was more of a novelty item than a proper demo track even though it came from a comedy orientated band.

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