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"Fluffy" an example of Hyss' art.

Hyss (real name Michael Fraylich; born 1985 [1]) is a scalie living in Edgware, London, England. His art can be found at MyFursona and Fur Affinity. He is a fan of vore. Hyss was a regular attendee and organiser of the NorthernFur meets that occur in Manchester until his PhD ended in June 2010.


Hyss' fursona is a snake, specifically an African Rock Python (Python Sebae). He is 20ft in length and 9 inchs in diameter. His name is a bastardisation of the sound "hiss" (a noise which is only produced by Puff Adders (Bitis Arietans)), "Sir. Hiss" is also the name of the snake in the Disney version of Robin Hood. He can often be found attempting to vore small mammals, rabbits being the most common.

Real life[edit]

Michael was born in London, is Jewish and Studied a PhD in Biomedical material science, engineering and polymer chemistry at the University of Manchester, and has published a paper entitled Poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) Dispersions Containing Pluronics: from Particle Preparation to Temperature-Triggered Aggregation in Langmuir. He is 6'3" with blue/green eyes. He is a member of the British Herpetological Society and has a pet Royal Python (Python Regius) named "Fluffy". He is an avid furmeet goer. At the beginning of 2009 he moved into a fur house in Salford, renting it jointly with DanFoxDavies and Stuart Otterson. After Stuart left the house it has been lived in by Ocaron and now Little Wolf[2]. DanFox moved out on the 16/06/09, and was replaced by Uzumati and Riot.

After completing his PhD he moved back to London where he worked as a lab technician and instructional assistant for Richmond University which finished in March 2012 due to the redundancy of the science dept. He currently is working on a project for King's College.

Second Life[edit]

"Avatar of Hyss Galicia".
Hyss can be found on Second Life under the name "Hyss Galicia". He is often found in the "BritFur Clubhouse" in Machina, where he is an Officer.


Hyss has a ticket to ConFuzzled 2009, this will be his first convention.

Favorite artists[edit]

Hyss' all time favorite artist is MoodyFerret[3], other admired artists are Sangula (A British furry artist) and Danza (A British scaly artist).


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