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Proposed ideas of a cross-reality con.

A hybrid furry convention (less often referred as "cross-reality convention") is a theoretical concept that the organizers of a furry convention at a physical venue, can provide both the aspects of an online furry convention, and in person venue for both types of guests simultaneously. The idea is to connect furries who are online attendees with those at the convention.

The end goal of a hybrid convention is to make both types of con-goers as immersed as possible with each other, and to value online guests or panelists as equally as those attending in person. An example is to stream physical panels to those interacting with the convention over the Internet, and have online interact in some way to the panelists in real time. Hybrid conventions also show the mindset that online panelists should be able to remotely host their presentation for physical guests via teleconference.

Noted Examples[edit]

  • Japan Meeting of Furries 2020 had a camera set inside of VRChat that streamed virtual con-goers to the real convention, while a stream camera in the physical world was streamed to their VRChat instances.

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