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Huzzah #1 cover

Huzzah was a publication started in the late 1980's by Dwight Dutton as an Albedo Anthropomorphics and Steve Gallacci fanzine.


Huzzah ran 4 issues in that format; with issue 5 it switched to a general furry fanzine co-edited by Roz Gibson, who describes:

issue 1 was published by Steve Gallacci when he was still in the Airforce, and issues 2-4 were done as a digest-sized Albedo fanzine in the late 80's-early 90's, mostly reprinting old BBS chatboards about Albedo, along with fan art and articles. [...] Huzzah the furry fanzine began with issue 5.[1]

This format change was influenced by a number of Rowrbrazzle artists who had become dissatisfied with that publication's declining quality and the proliferation of text-based and x-rated material in it.

Huzzah allowed no text-only contributions, and tried to limit the membership to professional artists, art students, or high-level hobby cartoonists. It was one of the first furry fanzines to feature a color cover on every issue.

Huzzah ceased publication with issue #50 due to financial reasons. The cost of printing and shipping became much greater than the amount of money that was brought in from sales and subscriptions, and the editors could no longer make up the difference out of their own funds.


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