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Huskion (born June 27 in the United Kingdom),[1] is a furry artist and VRChat world creator. His fursona is a husky-lion hybrid[2] (hence 'huskion', which is also the name of the species), with light smoky purple fur, a white bib, and a solid black line in between. His fursona is always depicted with a beard, and wearing aviator sunglasses. Huskion is his handle, he prefers to be called Marty in person.

Huskion grew up in Europe and East Asia as a Third Culture Kid, and also a polyglot, speaking English and Polish fluently; additionally speaking German, Japanese, French, and Mandarin. Huskion has a passion for travel and foreign languages and participated in the Polyglot Furs Telegram community between 2015 and 2019. Huskion joined the furry fandom online in 1999, discovering other furries through the website's Java applet role-playing chat room. Until 2008, Huskion's first fursona was a lion named Msakaji. He was initally known by this handle on other furry online communities such as FurNet IRC and Tapestries MUCK.

Huskion has been actively using Twitter since 2008 and YouTube since 2006. Huskion attends Futerkon, Confuzzled, Eurofurence, Midwest FurFest and Furality Online Xperience.

Huskion can be found on Second Life as Marty Winter, and has been using it regularly since 2005, where he remains active. Between 2009 and 2013, Huskion participated in and co-hosted the BritFur Clubhouse community project with Nightwind Sapphire in Second Life, which was an active virtual world meeting venue for British furries and their friends. The community went defunct in 2013 due to a drop in regular visitors, running costs, and Huskion's relocation to Japan for continued university study.

As an artist, Huskion is sparsely active on Fur Affinity and creates artwork of a digital nature, in a toony style and mostly in black-and-white due to red-green colourblindness.[2] He is not open for commissions to the general public.

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Huskion took an interest in VRChat as part of a phenomenon of furries using the platform as a substitute for social interaction through real-life Furmeet and Furry convention attendance. Huskion has contributed a few worlds for VRChat[3], developing a process to convert his existing purchased Second Life content for use on the newer, more popular platform.


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