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Whitepawz, one of Mayra's fursona

Mayra Boyle, also known as Huskie, is a female furry artist who first appeared on the fandom scene in 1997, first roleplaying her characters on MUCKs. She is known to frequent Anthrocon, a furry convention in Pennsylvania.

She is in constant association with her "BFH" Dreamaria.

Fandom involvement[edit]

She joined the art gallery Yerf at the tender age of 13. Her style was at this point very simplified, mostly black and white Line art flood-filled in MS Paint. She remained on Yerf through 2000, when she joined Orlando Furry Archives and VCL. Her gallery at Yerf was deleted (for uploading Yiff)[citation needed] by Yerf's then administrator Scotty Arsenault.

Since then, she had used Orlando Furry Archives as her primary art upload site. However, in the middle of June 2008, Orlando Furry Archives experienced a fatal server error which essentially wiped out both the main and back up servers. Upon questioning, Harik, the head administrator, said there would be no way to recover the data lost for any of the artists once hosted there. It had a near complete record of her work from 2000 to the present.

Art style and contributions[edit]

Her drawings are done in traditional media and focus mostly on canines (wolves and huskies) but also a variety of other species and bodyforms, including taurs, weres, morphic and nonmorphic creatures. The furotica she draws is across the spectrum, depicting not only male and female characters, but various transgender and hermaphrodite ones as well. This adult artwork is currently only available to members at PlayMouse and Fur Affinity

Her work has been published in various zines, such as Huzzah, Fur Plus, Fang, Claw & Steel, and Goldfur's South Fur Lands. She has also participated in collaborative portfolios with artists such as Jessica Willard for her Falstaff portfolio and Frisket's Cake Portfolio. She is also known to collaborate with other artists such as DreamRunner, Uranium, and Dreamaria to produce singular works of art for commissions.


Whitepawz' initial appearance

Her primary fursonas are the personal and more literal Huskie and the essentially sexual creature that is Whitepawz, but she has others of varying genders and species. Huskie is a young purple female husky, sometimes anthro and sometimes quad.


Also commonly referred to as Whitie, is a morphic blue-grey-furred wolf with black socks and white paws (hence the name), created by Mayra in mid 1996.

Originally, she was a female, four-winged, Ragdoll breed, anime cat anthro. This version of Whitepawz was once roleplayed by Mayra on FurryMUCK back in the day.

Mayra soon changed Whitepawz's appearance around 1998 or so, following her growing interest in canines. The story goes that Whitepawz's unknown mate at the time was a shapeshifter and healed one of Whitepawz's wings after she had broken it. Soon thereafter, Whitepawz discovered that some of her former mate's power (they had separated by now) had 'leaked' onto her. This power grew and soon, she began to experiment with changing her shape and sex, essentially becoming a polymorph.

Studies of Whitepawz in different forms (anthro, nonanthro & were).

Whitepawz then chose to look lupine, primarily for the form's graceful appeal and how easy she found it was to intimidate people with it (not so much as a little kitty cat). She also chose her color pattern at this time, remaining close to the original pattern of a dark-pointed cat, but with a shift from primarily browns to the bluish-grey and black combination she is known in today. Curiously, she retains her coloration and markings through every shape she acquires. This is due to either having lost the ability change them or she just likes her coloration that much.

Whitepawz is very much an 'id' character, freely mingling with other furries in whatever form or sex she chooses, and at any level of interaction from casual to yiffy situations. Her most common form is morphic, either male or female. She also has a were form and a hermaphrodite taur form. She may also have wings, though, only one pair, usually feathery, light grey and black-tipped in coloration.

Peculiarly, along with retaining her fur markings and coloration, in many forms her feline retractable claws and slitted pupils (only in female forms) remain as well, identifying her as not truly wolf.

Other characters[edit]

Trevvor was a quadruped character played by Mayra Boyle on BaltoMUCK. He was a black husky with green eyes. (down; see archive)

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