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Perri Rhoades (born April 3, 1962), also known as Perri Prinz, is a furry fan originally from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He is the author of the Spectral Shadows web serial. He is a collector of children's books, records, and animation with a furry theme, and other memorabilia, much of it dating back many decades before the existence of furry fandom as we know it.

He is the operator of Club Xanadu, also known as "The Vinyl Museum" on Second Life, a Furry classic rock club serving the Sunweavers and Hidden Valley communities, as well as the Second Life Spectral Shadows Art Museum.

Perri has also created one of the most extensive documents on the history of Furry entertainment and how the fandom developed around it in "The Furry History Project."


His male fursona is Perry Rhoades, an English Spaniel, one of the central protagonists of Spectral Shadows. His female fursona, Perri Prinz, also known as Hunny Bunny, is a kani bunny on Second Life that also appears occasionally in Spectral Shadows as an altered version of the male character. Together the two characters act as a metaphor for the author's personal gender issues. Spelling the name with a "Y" indicates a reference to the author's physical reality. An "I" indicates his feminine spirituality. The author uses an "I" in his pen name to indicate that everything he writes is attributed to his female fursona.

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