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HungaryFox by Lycangel

"HungaryFox" (Chris L.) is a Hungarian anthro artist, who was born in 1991 in Pécs, Hungary and currently lives in a small town west from Pécs.


HungaryFox's art gained activity in 2005, the same time he founded the club "DaFoxLove" on deviantART which became the most visited fox fanclub on the aforementioned site. His connection to the "Hungarian furry community however began somewhat later in 2006. The first Hungarian furmeet he attended was the one in 2007, but only since 2008 does he count himself a real active and productive member of the local fandom.


In the Summer of 2008, with the aid of his friend Lycangel, HungaryFox managed to mix his previous artistic style with a newly learned drawing technique, thereby taking his skill to a higher level. His artwork mostly consists of clear-lined anthropomorphic manga chibi characters.

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