Humans in fursuits

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Humans in fursuits is a term used to describe furry characters in a fictional setting who think, feel, and act much the same as a human would.

The term generally carries somewhat of a negative connotation, reflecting the notion that a furry character who retains at least some of the animal characteristics of the species they are based upon is preferable to one whose furriness is only superficial.

In comics, Humans-in-Fursuits is sometimes only an artistic convention, with species assigned to easily distinguish individual characters (such as in Hepcats and Shanda the Panda) and/or symbolize relationships between characters (such as Art Spiegelman's Maus, where Jews are drawn as mice/prey and the SS as cats/predators). However, serious text stories are generally held to a higher standard.[clarify]

Origin of the term[edit]

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Related terms[edit]

Zipper-up-the-Back is an older synonym from mainstream SF fandom, where it is used in regards to aliens.

Fox in Starbucks is another term sometimes used to convey essentially the same concept in a current (early 21st-century) tech-savvy setting.

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