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Howloween staff

Howloween 2008 was organized by Aphinity, and held on November 8th, 2008 at the Compass Point Inn in Surrey, British Columbia, a hotel that hadn't been used for any previous Howloween. The theme was "The Resurrection" to symbolize the resurrection of the event from cancellation the year before. The event area consisted of two connected rooms, one with an art/games focus and the other with an event and audience participation focus.

Events included audience-participation games, improv, fursuit games, movies, and dancing. There were a total of 160 attendees. Admission was $20 canadian funds at the door. No pre-registration was offered. Full colour t-Shirts were available for $20 with the option of a chainsaw bunny drawn by ScribbleFox or an Anubis mummy drawn by Cricket.

On the next day, there was optional fursuit bowling held at Revs Bowling Centre.


2008 Howloween Fursuit Games
  • Furry Sharades
  • Petrifying Pictionary
  • Artist faceoff
  • Improv by Imbeciles
  • Lunch and Dinner Movie breaks
  • I Have...
A game at Howloween 2008
  • Fursuit Performance Tips (Panel)
  • Scaaary Furry Feud
  • Freaky Fursuit Games
  • Dance - DJ Digifox with DJ Ear Velvet

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