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dershep, aka Howiepup, is a fursuiter who lives in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. His fursona is a purple German Shepherd.

dershep's fursuit has a twin brother, known as LavShep. Together, they are known as Lav'n'der. In real life, dershep and Lavshep are mated, but not really brothers.

dershep gives out numbered plushie mice at every convention. dershep usually gives out 100 mice at each convention. The numbers are sequential, so no two mice are numbered the same.

dershep is website admin of Stormfire Studios.



Howiepup is a puppy dog fursona.

Howiepup fursuit, which he constructed himself, debuted at Anthrocon 2008.[1]


Every year, dershep usually attends Furnal Equinox, Furry Connection North, Anthrocon, and Midwest FurFest.


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