Housepets! Radio

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Housepets! Radio
Hpr2.0 wiki.jpg
We ship Grapenut!
Host(s) Nick Crotser, David Cramer, and SliceOfDog
Update schedule Sundays (Twice a month)
Launch date April 3rd, 2011
End Date January 22nd, 2012
Genre Webcomic

Housepets! Radio (commonly abbreviated HP!R) was a podcast for the webcomic Housepets! by Rick Griffin. HP!R was hosted by artist Nick Crotser, voice actor David Cramer, and voice actor SliceOfDog. While running into some technical and financial problems, HP!R tried to keep a regular update schedule.

As of 12:00AM on January 22nd, 2012 Housepets! Radio became Radio Free Housepets! Expanding it's programing to include Housepets! related interests.


The original theme song was recorded in Garageband.

The "2.0" theme song was a specially mixed version of Charger Paris Mirage by Conelrad.


From episodes 1-10, HP!R was recorded using Audacity on a laptop "Fenyang" running Ubuntu Linux (11.04), using the laptop's built in microphone. Following it's hiatus, HP!R will be recorded on an Apple iMac (late 2011).

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