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House Rules was a site and group that maintains a collection of coloured Ozy and Millie strips. It was founded in 2004 and was led by Caigan Mythfang. It was officially endorsed by Ozy and Millie artist D.C. Simpson.

House Rules aimed to eventually provide coloured versions of as many strips as possible. Strips were mostly posted in sequence according to storyline, to make reading the archives easier and to offer a good (and coloured) alternative to the official Ozy and Millie archives. It maintained a regular update schedule, though schedules changed frequently and updates were occasionally delayed. The strips were mostly coloured by fans, although the strips that were coloured by D.C. Simpson also appeared in the site's strip archives.

The site was hosted on Lupinia. It was given a major overhaul by CodeCat in April 2007, who has been the site's main webmaster from then on. The link to the web site now shows that the domain is free.

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