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Hotwire Comics is a comic anthology with softcover binding that was published by Fantagraphics Books starting in 2006 and was edited by Glenn Head.

Issue #3, published in 2009 November, included some comics of interest to furries:

  • Meet McArf! by Michael Kupperman : 2 page comic intro to McArf "the crime dog", who fights criminals (such as Countess Fluff), but is a bit grim. Starting on page 6.
  • Candyland Clinic! by Glenn Head : 7 page hallucinatory comic of various anthro animals getting fed "candi-meds" (anti-depressants?) by a two humans. Main characters are a pig named Jake and a yellow bird named Conrad.
  • Hillbilly's Dun Gawn Ta College by Doug Allen : 2 page comic where there's a group of anthro animal and three of them (one is a pig) go to college, but have a chaotic time. Starts on page 60.
  • Tales of the Sodom Ape Men and the Electronic God by Danny Hellman : 2 page wordless comic of blobs that fall to ground around a tall tree stump, form into apes who fight until the last survivor climbs the stump, pulls a lever at the top of stump which turns the survivor into blobs which fall downward and possibly starting the process all over again. Starts on page 114.
  • Sleep Walker by "Mats!?" : a creepy and violent comic with the main character getting creepy/kinky with an unnamed anthro female (probably a canine). One giant panel per page.
  • The front cover features artwork by Glenn Head, depicting characters from Candyland Clinic! story inside.
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