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Hotel Yorba, also known as Casa de Martin and Steve's Manor, is the nickname given to the private residency of furry artist Steve Martin. The name derives from the street it resides on ("Yorba,") located in Santa Ana, California, USA, and the "open door policy" the residence seems to offer to furry members friendly to its host.

Hotel Yorba's street view (map)


The residence, which includes one master room, three tenant ones, one computer lab, and a separated art studio building , has been a hub of furry history, gatherings and residence since 1982.

Tenants and visitors[edit]

The house has had a long list of non-furry, furry or furry-connected tenants. Bob Guthrie is a current resident; he lived there with Doug Winger before his death. In the past Hotel Yorba housed such people as furry artists Steve Corbett, Paul Dale and Kipper, fursuiter Chythar, and a few others.

Visitors who have frequented Hotel Yorba for mostly furry reasons include furry artists Taral Wayne, Robert Hill, Max Blackrabbit, Lisa Sample, Brian Reynolds, Trump, Dustmeat, Xianjaguar, Shawn Keller, Marc Schirmeister, Ken Fletcher, and a plethora of furry/non-furry fans and acquaintances.

Parties, events and furry services[edit]

Hotel Yorba has hosted in the past pre and deaddog parties for such local conventions as ConFurence and Califur, collation gatherings for Rowrbrazzle, and furry Halloween get-togethers, among others,... Some of these events continue to date.

Some Califur attendees friends of the host have used the proximity of the house to the convention's hotel as a meeting point to and from, alternative lodging area, dead dog party facility, or just as a quick rest stop area. Confurence users took advantage of the same helping services until the convention's move to Burbank, California, San Diego, California, and its eventual demise/closure.

From the late 1980's, the same amenities were enjoyed by Comic-Con International's furry con-goers, eventually tapering off by the mid 2000's, specially due to CritterConDiego's cessation of operations in 2003, and the economical strained years of 2004 to 2008.

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