Hopster's Tracks

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Hopster's Tracks is a comic by Stephanie Gladden. Two issues were published by Bongo Comics.

Short strips featuring some of the characters also appeared in Action Girl Comics #9 and #10,[citation needed] and the Friends of Lulu Storytime anthology.[citation needed]

Cast of characters[edit]

  • Melba: A kangaroo, and the most level-headed character.
  • Alky: A disbarred attorney who now runs a used-car lot.
  • Terry: Rabbit. Aly's one-eyed English cousin.
  • Jake: A rock-and-rolling, leather wearing, motorcycle riding wolf whose sole responsibility is his daughter Spence. He works occasionally in construction.
  • Spence: Jake's daughter. Alternates between being a cute kid and a little hellion.
  • Kayoko: A tanuki and Melba's best friend.

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