Hitting the Showers

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Cover of Hitting the Showers.

Hitting the Showers is a comic by Wookiee. It was originally published in two parts, in black and white, in issues 1 and 4 of FurNation Magazine (July, 2000, and July, 2003).[1] In June, 2008, the comic was reprinted in colour by FurPlanet.[1]

Hitting the Showers has a NC-17 rating, for "mature content, graphic sexual situations".[1]


FurPlanet's synopsis of Hitting the Showers reads:[1]

Hitting the Showers
After a strenuous workout, Warren and Lian hit the showers to clean up. Warren gets a little friendly with his lion friend and one thing leads to another. Little do they know, Lian's girlfriend has seen the whole thing and has ideas of her own on how to deal with the boys.
Hitting the Showers


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